(Modern Elite) Lot of Autograph Material - American Political Figures: Bryant, W(illiam) J(ennimgs). Typed Letter Signed. Miami, Florida, February 4, 1922. 1 page, 4to; creases along old folds, minor spotting. To S(harples) D(odson) Green, American educator, responding to Green's solicitation of letters offering his pupils life guidance, "...Man needs something more than intelligence and industry. He needs a spiritual vision of life..." Vertical crease through Bryant's strong but partly smudged signature. With 2 related Bryant TLSs. * Daniels, Josephus [U.S. Secretary of the Navy, 1913-1921]. Typed Letters (4) Signed. Raleigh, N. C., February 12, 1923; May 5, 1924; January 17, 1927; April 7, 1927. 4to (2) and small 4to (2); creasing, other wear and discoloration. To S. D. Green, as above and responding to requests to sign Green's copies of books by Daniels. Clear signatures. * Edge, Walter Evans [U.S. Senator and NJ Governor]. Typed Letter Signed. Washington, February 16, 1925. 1 page, 4to; light creasing along old folds, faint paper clip residue. To S. D. Green, as above. Strong signature. On U.S. Senate letterhead. * Lansing, Robert [U.S. Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson]. Typed Letters (2) Signed. Washington, October 9, 1922; May 27, 1924. Each 1 page, 4to; creases along old folds, 1924 letter also toned and marked by paper clip residue. To S. D. Green, as above (and related matters). Each signature clear and strong but traversed by a vertical crease. * Lodge, H(enry) C(abot). Typed Letter Signed. Washington, May 10, 1922. 1 1/4 page, on two 4to sheets; light creases along old folds, minor dampstaining at blank edges. To (S. D. Green), as above, "...their first duty is to their country... the business of the country ought to take precedence over all others and be helped and improved by them..." Generally strong signature on U.S. Senate letterhead. With related typed document signed by Lodge. * Meriwether, Lee [American diplomat]. Typed Letter Signed. Vichy, May 22, 1924. 1 page, small 4to; minor wear. To S. D. Green, giving permission to reproduce material solicited as above. Strong signature. * Pepper, George Wharton [U.S. Senator - Pennsylvania]. Typed Letter Signed. (Washington), November 30, 1923. 1 1/4 page, on two 4to sheets; minor paper clip residue. To (S. D. Green), as above "...remember there is a lot of heavy hauling to be done for Uncle Sam; and some of us must do the work of draught horses, while the race-horses are arousing the enthusiasm of the grand stand." Strong signature. With cover letter (TLS with manuscript postscript on U.S. Senate letterhead, forbidding publication of the above). * Pinchot, Gifford. Typed Letter Signed. Harrisburg, April 1, 1925. 1 page, 4to; light horizontal creases along old folds, paper clip residue at blank upper right. To S. D. Green, as above, "...Being true to yourself is one of the hardest Things of life... but it is the only course that will guarantee eventual victory in the best sense - victory with a clear conscience and a sense of good work well done..." Strong signature. On Pinchot's Governor's Office letterhead. With TLS, August, 11, 1927, signing a copy of his 6,000 County Churches for a Green.
Estimate $200-400

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