A Russian Imperial diamond-set gold presentation ring

Fabergé, workmaster Erik Kollin, St. Petersburg, before 1899

The heavy and hollow cast ring centering an imperial crown set with two large rose cut diamonds, the shoulders of the ring mounted with finely cast double-headed eagles, the inside with finely cut opening in the form of the Russian crown, set with two large and eight small rose-cut stones, and a red cabochon gemstone.

Ring Size: 13 Total weight: 12.2 dwt. (incl. stones)

Estimate $7,000-9,000

According to "The Russian Imperial Awards System Under Nicholas II" by Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm, rings of this type were awarded as gifts to those achieving the VII level of the table of ranks, in which gentlemen were awarded a "jeweled ring with imperial symbol."

Sold for $8,450 (buyer's premium included)