A 31-Star American Flag commemorating California used in the John C. Fremont Presidential Campaign of 1864

circa 1864

Hand-sewn, single appliqued cotton stars arranged in rows of 6,6,7,6,6 on a four-part wool bunting canton, wool bunting stripes, a linen hoist with whip-stitched grommets, inscribed in ink, "South Keene, E Joslin, US Flag used during Freemont Presidential Camp, Keene, N.H.- which started May 27, 1864, was in donor's family prior."

12 ft. x 20 ft.


The "E. Joslin" inscribed on the hoist was probably Edward Joslin (1810-1901), a prominent South Keene manufacturer. Among his business interests was Joslin & Fay, manufacturers of power mortising, tenoning and moulding machines. Joslin and his partners became the largest makers of wood-working machinery in the country. He also had interests in textile, shoe and furniture manufacturing and served as Director of the Keene National Bank from 1850 to 1901, and as the bank President for 30 years.
Estimate $3,000-5,000

Note: Between May and September of 1864, Col. John C. Fremont (1813-1890), campaigned as the Presidential candidate of the short-lived Radical Democratic Party. The party was comprised of Radical Republicans who felt that Lincoln was not aggressive enough with issues of slavery and racial equality. Their platform called for a constitutional amendment banning slavery, an uncompromised continuation of the war, a Congress-controlled reconstruction, confiscation of rebel property, civil service reform and protections of free speech, free press and the writ of habeas corpus. Fremont and his running mate John Cochrane ceased their campaign after four months reasoning that the Democrats could never be trusted on union or abolition, and that they did not wish to spoil Lincoln's chances in the 1864 election.

Sold for $1,875 (buyer's premium included)