A Russian porcelain group "The Broken Jug"

Lomonosov porcelain factory, St. Petersburg, late 20th century

After the model by Stepan Pimenov (1784-1833) and apparently unmarked.

H: 9 1/4 in.


Ode to Joy Collection, Connecticut.
Estimate $1,000-1,500

Oda k Radosti/Ode to Joy, p. 27, illus. 1, cat. no. 18.

Stepan Pimenov (1784-1833) was born the son of a St. Petersburg customs official, but on discovering his talent, his parents sent him to the Academy of Arts at age 11 where he distinguished himself by exceptional ability. In 1801, he earned a silver medal for modelling from nature and the following year, received a gold medal for a bas-relief entitled "Jupiter and Mercury in the Guise of Wayfarers Visiting Philemon and Baucis."

Pimenov later worked on models for the Imperial Porcelain Factory, and his figures for the "Guriev Service" crafted with I. Komander, are among the greatest works of 19th century Russian porcelain. 'Pimenov's distinguishing features,' wrote his contemporaries, 'are his powerful passionate composition and spirited, sweeping modelling'.

The offered lot is an early post-Soviet effort of the Lomonosov Factory to revisit unabashedly pre-Revolutionary forms, and to reclaim their role as the successor to the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory.