A Soviet porcelain inkstand "Bust of Lenin"

Lomonosov State Porcelain Manufactory, Leningrad, 1924

After a design by Natalia Danko, the book inscribed 'Workers of the World, Unite', stamped dark green factory mark.

H: 6 in.


Given to a Delegate of the Fifth Congress of the All-Russian Union of Chemical Workers by the Union's Leningrad Regional Commission, 1 December 1924.
Ode to Joy Collection, Connecticut.
Estimate $2,500-3,000

Pushkin Museum, no. 155

Oda k Radosti/Ode to Joy, p. 387, illus. 316, cat. no. 68; see also Nosovich and Popova, pp. 524-525

Danko and other employees of the State Porcelain Manufactory were members of the Chemical Workers Union. It is likely that Danko and her colleagues were also delegates to the conference to whose members these inkwells were presented.


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